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‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Episode 3 review: We start to get some answers

The plot thickens this week as we start to get some answers about Robert’s past. Alongside Jekyll’s story, however, we have an increasing amount of subplots. For instance, we also follow his younger brother Ravi as he continues to evade capture in Ceylon. It’s hard to say at the moment how important his adventure will … >

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What are the cast of ‘Torchwood’ doing now?

Outside the government and beyond the police, Torchwood were ready to fight the future on behalf of the human race for four seasons across 2006 to 2011 before the team was put on indefinite hiatus at the end of US/UK co-production Miracle Day. Thankfully, those good people at Big Finish have begun to reunite the … >

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‘Danger Mouse’ reboot review: ‘Danger Mouse Begins… Again’

Rebooting a much-loved children’s classic is a risky business (just ask Russell T Davies), but thankfully the folks at CBBC have managed to make a rollicking 21st century Danger Mouse. Everything DM fans could hope for is all present and correct in this action-packed opener. The hissing Baron Greenback, the bluff Colonel K (now accompanied … >

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5 things we want to see in ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2

The first season of Marvel spin-off Agent Carter (finally) completed its run in the UK last month. So now that Peggy has put paid to the evil machinations of Leviathan, it’s time to look to the future. Peggy and her pals will return in a 10-part second season in 2016, which is to be set … >

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What are the cast of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ doing now?

After five fantastic seasons, The Sarah Jane Adventures sadly came to a premature end back in 2011. Although more stories were ready to go, the untimely death of the show’s star Elisabeth Sladen meant that the show was rested in her honour. As well as featuring a return for the most beloved classic Doctor Who … >

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TV’s top 5 female spies

When thinking of the best fictional spies, your mind most probably jumps to the likes of James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. But what is it that those three have in common, apart from the initials JB (anyone know why that’s a rule?) – they’re all men. Though they might not always be as … >

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