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Ian McArdell

Big Finish’s ‘Dark Shadows: Bloodlust’ audio story review

For the uninitiated, Dark Shadows was a spooky American soap which ran daily for five years beginning in 1966, and now holds cult status. Revived on various occasions since, not least by Tim Burton for his 2012 Johnny Depp fronted movie, it has found a home at Big Finish Productions since 1996 for a series … >

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10 classic ‘Doctor Who’ quotes: The Doctor on his enemies

Through fifty years of time travel, the Doctor has rarely been lost for something to say and he does not mince his words when confronted by the evils of the universe. Leafing through Cavan Scott and Mark Wright’s Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff: The Quotable Doctor Who, CultBox has chosen 10 of the Time Lord’s most … >

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‘Guin and the Dragon’ review

Part of the ‘Message in a Bottle’ series, Guin and the Dragon is a mesmerising short film set in the surroundings of a tower block estate. Guin, a young girl new to the area, stands apart from her peers and views the world with a distinctly Arthurian tint. When trouble comes she finds herself with … >

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Nick Frost Santa

12 of the best ‘Doctor Who’ moments in ‘Last Christmas’

Doctor Who’s tenth consecutive Christmas special was a monster horror story which allowed a certain festive icon some room to shine, as well as providing Clara with the chance to see Danny once again. It also threw a few nods in the direction of The Thing, Alien and Inception with an isolated polar base, face-hugging … >

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‘Doctor Who’ audio story review: ‘The Bounty of Ceres’ (Big Finish Early Adventures 1.3)

The third release in the Early Adventures range slides slightly further down the programme’s timeline to reunite the TARDIS team of Steven and Vicki. Set around the start of the third season, with Vicki name-checking Chumblies from ‘Galaxy 4’, ‘The Bounty of Ceres’ finds them arriving in humanity’s near future. The story begins on board … >

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