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10 romantic quotes from ‘Doctor Who’

Although it simmered away in the background of the show’s original run – with companions leaving for love and a little flirtation here and there – romance was never really on the Doctor’s agenda. When he came back in 2005, however, it seemed that the Doctor was destined to set hearts a flutter as well … >

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5 of the best Merlin-centric episodes of ‘Merlin’

Despite the show bearing his name, BBC One’s Merlin was very much an ensemble cast and the central character often put the destiny of Camelot and his friendships above his own needs. Having been busy with stage work, Colin Morgan will soon return to our screens as reporter Jimmy Minor in the third episode of … >

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‘Doctor Who’: 10 quotes from the Doctor’s companions

Though all his travels, the Doctor has been accompanied by a host of companions. From school teachers and alien orphans to robots, but invariably attractive young women, their horizons have been expanded in his company – never to be the same again. Diving into Cavan Scott and Mark Wright’s Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff: The … >

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‘Doctor Who’: ‘Tales of Trenzalore’ book review

Doctor Who spin-off publishing often lives in the cracks, judiciously slotted in-between televised tales, but during the Eleventh Doctor’s finale ‘The Time of the Doctor’ we were offered great jumps in the narrative just begging for further adventures to be told. The ‘Tales of Trenzalore’ are exactly that, four short stories which chronicle occasions when … >

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‘David Arnold: Live in Concert’ review

Currently best known for his work on BBC One’s Sherlock, composer David Arnold has been responsible for the music of five James Bond films, as well as countless other movies and television shows in a twenty year career which shows no signs of slowing. It was therefore a rare treat for CultBox to see the … >

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5 UK television shows that could become movies

For almost as long as there has been television, its programmes have been making the leap on to the big screen. Film producers are always keen to capitalise on a TV show’s success, aiming to carry a ready made audience with them, and British programmes such as Quatermass, Doctor Who, Porridge, On the Buses and … >

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