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The Omega Factor: The House That Wasn’t Haunted – cover revealed

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We now have all the details about the forthcoming two-hour, full-cast “audio movie”. 

Released this October, ‘The House That Wasn’t Haunted’ continues the audible terrors of The Omega Factor.

Audio producers Big Finish revived the supremely scary 1970s series back in 2015, to follow the work of Department 7. Since then, Louise Jameson, who plays the scientist Dr Anne Reynolds, has led three series of paranormal investigations as well as narrating a number of audiobooks too.

Shifting to a new two-hour format,  the “audio movie” comes from writer Tim Foley. Joining Louise Jameson is the series regular John Dorney as Adam Crane, with the cast rounded out by Selina Cadell, Phillip Hurd-Wood and Reice Weathers.

The Omega Factor - The House That Wasn't Haunted cover art

Here’s the synopsis for ‘The House That Wasn’t Haunted’

Adam Crane has put his time with Department 7 behind him and now channels his energies into his paranormal podcast series, ‘Unspooked’.

Anne Reynolds, meanwhile, must invade her former colleague’s new life for some help on an urgent case… one which Adam is uniquely gifted to investigate.

A powerful psychic force resides within an abandoned manor, Hawthorne House, and a terrible secret dwells in its impenetrable darkness. MI5 need Department 7 to find out what it is. But some secrets can kill…

Star Louise Jameson said:

“The Omega Factor is about scientists investigating the paranormal. It’s kind of The X Files before its time. And The House That Wasn’t Haunted is fantastic because it’s a stand-alone story. It’s quite a scary one. It taps into all those childhood fears of darkness and noises and feeling unsupported; all those things that most people suffered at some point.

We’ve all been to those big old mansions where you suddenly feel cold for no reason. Where does that come from? Not just the thickness of the walls…”

You can pre-order The Omega Factor: The House That Wasn’t Haunted now. It’s available on Collector’s Edition CD (with download) or download only from Big Finish.