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Almost ‘Doctor Who’: 12 stars who nearly played the Doctor

We take a look at an alternate Doctor Who history with the Doctors that never were. With Doctor Who changing hands after Season 10, the internet is abuzz with speculation. Some of it is entirely plausible like the suggestion that EastEnders actress Rakhee Thakrar will be the next companion, while some of it less believable … >

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10 predictions for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6

The sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is drawing closer and Winter is… still coming. As usual, there’s plenty of speculation from people who don’t read the books about what’s going to happen, and for the first time it’s an even playing field with people who have read them. The Winds of Winter is … >

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10 hopes for the ‘Robot Wars’ reboot

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a time to rejoice. The latest shot in the nostalgia war has been fired, and this time it’s not Disney buying up a beloved childhood icon for more than the GDP of an entire country. Later this year, after twelve years away from our screens, Robot Wars is making a … >

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