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10 ‘Rogue One’ Easter eggs you might have missed

If you didn’t know that Rogue One director Gareth Edwards is even more of a Star Wars fanboy than most of us – though we will fight him on that…. with lightsabers – the sheer amount of fanservice in the movie makes it pretty clear. From a quick appearance by certain scum and villainy in the … >

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‘Sunny Afternoon’ review: The jukebox musical continues to flourish

Nineteenth months after its West End debut, Olivier Award-winning musical Sunny Afternoon continues to flourish. Now in its third year, second cast, and with a UK tour on the horizon; jukebox musical Sunny Afternoon is the story of 60s rock band The Kinks. Starting with them performing as jobbing musicians in Muswell Hill, and following … >

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10 actresses who could play the next ‘Doctor Who’ companion

After Jenna Coleman’s surprisingly long stint as Clara Oswald came to a close last year, the TARDIS is vacant once again. But even though Doctor Who is on the verge of massive change with Steven Moffat being replaced as showrunner by Chris Chibnall in 2018, it seems likely that at least one thing Moffat will … >

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