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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ review: ‘Do Not Disturb’ is a piece-mover of an episode

If there’s one good aspect to Fear the Walking Dead’s perennial inconsistency, it’s that a particular low-point is usually followed up by a rebound of some kind. ‘Do Not Disturb’ isn’t a significant uptick in quality from the disappointing blandness of the risk-free storytelling of ‘Los Muertos’, but it’s packed with enough tangible promise and … >

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ review: ‘Los Muertos’ is a bland, shallow instalment

Fear the Walking Dead is a show capable of great things. The potential is there for a compelling drama that mixes thoughtful character work with potent horror and social commentary. So why does it keep delivering mediocre results? That’s a question that feels especially relevant after Fear’s latest episode, ‘Los Muertos’, which plays with some … >

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The rise and rise of the Marvel universe

From its humble beginnings in 2008, launching with a comparatively modest flick starring a superhero most people had never heard of, Marvel’s cinematic universe has swelled into one of the most expansive franchises ever created. Eight years on, the MCU now spans a whopping thirteen movies starring several assorted lead characters who frequently cross over … >

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5 ways ‘The Walking Dead’ can improve in Season 7

This list contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Season 6 of The Walking Dead and some light spoilers for future comics storylines. Heading into its seventh season this October, The Walking Dead remains a true TV juggernaut with some of the biggest ratings on US TV and a constant spot at the heart of the ongoing pop culture … >

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5 times ‘House of Cards’ has mirrored real life politics

Across four seasons of House of Cards, Frank Underwood has traversed the slippery stream of politics from the behind-the-scenes position of Chief Whip to the Presidency, facing off against a huge variety of political rivals along the way (most of whom are either dead or discredited forever, but that’s just Frank for you). One of … >

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