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‘Westworld’ Season 1 Episode 8 review: ‘Trace Decay’ offers philosophy and thrills

“When are we?” Trace decay, the theory that gives this week’s Westworld its title, is the theory that human memory slowly fades over time, with the details of any given memory slowly decaying away and leaving only the vague broad strokes. Meanwhile, Hosts have it a little different, perfectly recalling every detail of a situation … >

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‘Westworld’ Season 1 Episode 7 review: ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ is the best episode so far

“And in that sleep, what dreams may come…” Westworld has spent a good chunk of its first six episodes methodically putting the building blocks in place for what’s now ensured (thanks to this week’s season two renewal) to be an expansive mythological journey. It’s been a fascinating ride, but light on genuine pay-off, and often … >

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5 of the best moments in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2

Saul Goodman was an instant hit from his introduction of the second season of Breaking Bad, and it’s hard not to see why. In a drama that only became darker and darker as it went along, Saul was one of the few sources of comic relief, adding some memorable levity that proved essential to Breaking Bad’s … >

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 2 review: ‘The Well’ offers a little hope

Season 7 began last week with a dark, extremely violent episode that wallowed in its own nihilism and total hopelessness throughout. This week, it’s entirely the opposite. Interestingly, ‘The Well’ was filmed third and swapped in the running order with next week’s episode that focuses on Daryl’s torture in the Sanctuary, partially because of how … >

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‘Ripper Street’ Season 4 finale review: ‘Edmund Reid Did This’

‘To Be Continued…’ That’s the caption that the fourth season of Ripper Street leaves us with. In a lesser show, such a brazen indicator that the story is still incomplete would feel frustrating, robbing the season of any satisfying finality. Thankfully, this season finale does more than enough to justify that ending caption. In fact, … >

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