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Why you should be watching ‘Rick and Morty’

Imagine a show like this. It’s set in an infinitely complex sci-fi sandbox in which countless amounts of planets, dimensions and alien species co-exist. Our guide to this universe is a somewhat irascible, wacky older man who’s an expert on everything the vast and terrifying universe has to offer. And to ensure that the man … >

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Why you should be watching ‘Frequency’

With around 500 original shows vying for attention on TV right now, it’s inevitable that today’s landscape is an extremely competitive one. Some shows spark with the public instantly and become mainstream hits, while others find a smaller, more dedicated audience and prestige from critical raves and awards attention. Very often, however, a new show … >

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Why you should be watching ‘Halt and Catch Fire’

AMC is a network best known for its big hitters – The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, which have defined a great deal of the last decade in television. Yet some of its greatest successes aren’t receiving the mass mainstream attention and viewing figures that the Walking Dead shows rake in. Case in … >

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 8 review: ‘Hearts Still Beating’ starts the march to war

Season 7 has been a rough ride. The Walking Dead’s attempt to build a larger world has resulted in a deeply lethargic run of episodes that have leisurely strolled from location to location, pushing out the frontiers of the show without actually progressing the plot in any meaningful way. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that … >

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‘Westworld’ Season 1 Episode 10 review: ‘The Bicameral Mind’ is a gutsy finale

“These violent delights have violent ends.” Truth be told, it was easy to imagine Westworld failing to stick the landing. The last few episodes, with their movement towards upending the entire narrative, put this conclusion in a precarious situation, and the possibility that all of the progress would be erased and the narrative set back … >

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‘Westworld’ Season 1 Episode 9 review: ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ explores memory

“Remember.”  Throughout its first season Westworld has shown how the limiting of memory serves as its own form of oppression, with the Hosts’ recall of their cyclical, futile loops erased to keep them as subservient puppets whose individuality is a hollow fiction. It follows, then, that unlimited memory is liberation – the ability to recognise … >

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