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Chloe Decker — all our theories for Lucifer season 6

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Lucifer season 6 brings the show to a close, and before it arrives we thought we’d collect together all our theories as to what might happen, and we found they almost all involve Chloe Decker

While Tom Ellis is the star of Lucifer and the central thread of season 6 may be about his coming to terms with the idea of really being God (at least from the start) there’s clearly a lot happening to Chloe Decker (Lauren German) as she moves on from the LAPD and settles down to a more stable relationship with Lucifer.

We’ve seen dozens of fan theories, and have plenty of out own, so we’ve brought them together for a reference to check after the final season arrives on Friday September 10. We’ve not studied any reviews, preferring to keep out thoughts away from reality!

The consequence of resurrection for Chloe Decker

Chloe in Heaven

Chloe (we assume you’ve seen season 5) was killed, prompting Lucifer to go to heaven to bring her back as it wasn’t her time. This must have had some impact. Let’s consider a few possible relevant cases:

Malcolm came back from a short stint in Hell and was clearly effected by the experience and his behaviour went entirely out of control

Abel was taken from Hell, and had already lost his grip on reality as a result of being the longest resident

Charlotte Richards spent time in Hell while the Goddess had her body and this shook her fundamental beliefs and forced her to change her ways

Eve got bored in Heaven (she was it’s oldest resident) but apart from a huge appetite for hedonism, seems largely fine from being in Heaven

Chloe spent a short time there, and assuming the remembers, meeting her dad will have had an impact. [In passing we know from the trailer she will also visit Hell this season, but not as a resident] Our view is it will have given her a new perspective on life. We also wonder if Penelope Decker is in season 6, and how Chloe deals with the decision to tell her mum she’s seen her dad.

Lucifer and poss Ella season 6

We also wonder if the act of dying gives Chloe the ability to see Azrael (Charlyne Yi)? This would be a neat way to have Chloe see Rae Rae when she’s with Ella, forcing the issue of revealing some celestial truths. We believe Lucifer is part of that from a scene where he draws Azrael for someone. Maybe her trip to Heaven leads to something else…

What about those superpowers?

Chloe Decker (animated) fighting moves

We know Chloe wanted laser-beam hands, but instead it seems she’s getting super-strength. We saw this when she fought Michael while holding Amenadiel’s necklace, which only gives strength to mortals if Azrael’s blade (she comes up again) is on Earth. We see her with the necklace in the trailer, but it seems there’s more to it, and the super-strength leads to her sparring  with Maze (as we learned in the latest Netflix video) and is maybe part of the thread where she appears to want to kill Lucifer.

Will they persist across the season? Well Lucifer has (possibly) all the omnis, and we don’t know if Chloe can still mojo him, but it would give some balance.

And the ending?

We think Lucifer and Chloe are together in the end, but there are some issues / idea such as telling Trixie, is there a wedding, children, Lucifer is immortal, what about Chloe (she was stabbed with the last fragment of the Tree of Life)… We don’t subscribe to the big memory wipe ending, Lucifer goes to Heaven and everyone forgets theory, and aren’t sure Lucifer becomes mortal to live a normal life with Chloe (and his vast fortune, car collection, night club, houses…)

Lucifer season 6 arrives Friday 10, so we’ll find out soon!