5 modern ‘Doctor Who’ monsters and villains who should return

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Since 2005, Doctor Who has done an impressive job of updating its classic monsters, with Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and Zygons all receiving a makeover.

The show has also added some terrific creations too, with the likes of the Slience, the Ood and the Weeping Angels.

Following our recent look at some forgotten classics, here are some more recent one-off menaces that we feel deserve a return…


The Midnight Entity

Doctor Who Midnight David Tennant

Seen in:

‘Midnight’ (2008)

What was it?

The Doctor never found out!

Why should it come back?

Taking over one of the Doctor’s fellow travellers on the Midnight Tour bus, the entity showed an uncanny ability to first mimic and then absorb, predicting the Time Lord’s words before he said them.

Invulnerable to the Xtonic rays which bombarded the planet of Midnight, we never discovered what it was, just knew that it wanted the Doctor out of the picture.

We would love to find out more… perhaps Russell T Davies could be coaxed back to pen a sequel to this superbly claustrophobic episode.


The Flood

Doctor Who Waters of Mars

Seen in:

‘The Waters of Mars’ (2009)

What was it?

A sentient viral, waterborne infection.

Why should it come back?

Sealed inside a glacier on Mars, The Flood possessed the ability to make watery zombies of all those who came into contact with it. Brilliantly realised, the possessed humans made for one of the scariest threats we have seen in the show’s modern era.

With those other Martians, The Ice Warriors, now returned to the show perhaps we should see a conflict between these two species on the Red Planet? Or indeed how The Flood ended up in that glacier in the first place.


The Dream Lord

Doctor Who Dream Lord Toby Jones

Seen in:

‘Amy’s Choice’ (2010)

Who was he?

A psychic manifestation of Doctor’s darker side

Why should he come back?

Triggered by a mind parasite, the Dream Lord was a dark mirror of the Doctor, full of fear, self-loathing and doubt. Presenting a twisted version of the Time Lord, he was a reminder of his flaws and failings.

With a new Doctor whom were told will be “mad and dangerous and difficult”, it would be interesting to see how a further manifestation of the Dream Lord might differ – although personally, we would like to see the return of brilliant Toby Jones.


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