5 more classic ‘Doctor Who’ monsters and villains who should return

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As well as the inevitable Daleks and Cybermen, we’ve had Sontarans, Silurians, Davros and the Master return in the modern era of Doctor Who.

More recently, we’ve seen Ice Warriors, The Great Intelligence and Zygons. Even the Macra made a fleeting return in ‘Gridlock’.

Following our previous look at classic monsters who are overdue a comeback, here are five more adversaries from the Doctor’s past who might be ripe for a rematch in Season 10


The Wirrn

Doctor Who The Ark in Space the wirrn

First seen in:

‘The Ark in Space’ (1975).

Who were they?

Giant Space Insects with a grudge.

Why should they come back?

These hive minded nasties used the bodies of humanity as a food source, and had their eyes on the Earth. Laying their eggs in people, the young Wirrn hatched and consumed its host, while at the same time absorbing their knowledge and memories.

The Wirrn deserve to return for a ghastly body horror and for the 21st century production to really bring life to Robert Holmes macabre imagination with updated special effects.



Doctor Who Claws of Axos Axons

First seen in:

‘The Claws of Axos’ (1971).

Who where they?

Gift bearing aliens with a hidden agenda.

Why should they come back?

Trading on human greed, these gold skinned creatures from space turned out to be part of an energy consuming parasite, bent on consuming the Earth. Strangely beautiful in their golden form, they transformed to a monstrous tentacled form.

Given modern day energy issues and the methods we humans go to create it, surely we’re rich pickings if they can escape the pesky time loop the Doctor left them stranded in.


The Draconians

Doctor who Frontier in Space the draconians

First seen in:

‘Frontier in Space’ (1973).

Who were they?

A noble race of lizard-like warriors.

Why should they come back?

With a space empire which rivalled Earth’s own, the Draconians had come into conflict with the human race. The Master even tried to trigger a “Space War” on behalf of the Daleks, but luckly peace won out when his scheme was exposed.

With relations beginning to thaw, it would be interesting to see their society again and if the Doctor’s position as a noble of the Draconian Court still holds any worth.


The Mara

doctor who The Mara

First seen in:

‘Kinda’ (1982).

Last seen in:

‘Snakedance’ (1983).

What was it?

An evil incorporeal entity.

Why should it come back?

As a threat, the Mara was something very different for the Doctor to combat as it dwelt in the “dark places of the inside”. Taking possession of Tegan, it had a couple of attempts at translating itself from mental energy to manifest itself in physical form.

Giant rubber notwithstanding, the two stories featuring the Mara were very different from the norm, incorporating Buddist symbolism and dream sequences.



Doctor Who Omega

First seen in:

‘The Three Doctors’ (1972/73).

Last seen in:

‘Arc of Infinty’ (1983).

Who was he?

A founding Time Lord trapped in an anti-matter universe.

Why should he come back?

Omega was one of the founder members of Time Lord Society, who was though to have died during early experiments but whose sacrifice enabled Time Travel. Stuck in an antimatter universe, if he still survives, he is beyond insane but craves to return and have his revenge.

With the Doctor on a mission to find Gallifrey, might he end up restoring this legendary Time Lord figure along the way? Or more interestingly, what if Omega returned to find Gallifrey gone?


Which classic monsters and villains do you think should return? Let us know below…

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