Top 10 sexiest males in UK cult TV 2011

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Over the past month, CultBox asked you to vote for who you think is the sexiest male in UK cult TV. With over 27,000 votes counted, we can now reveal that 2011’s winner is 25-year-old Merlin star Colin Morgan, with over a third of the votes.

The full Top 10 is as follows:

#1: Colin Morgan, who plays the titular wizard in Merlin (36.9%)

#2: Richard Armitage, who played renegade agent Lucas in Spooks (30.7%)

#3: Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays detective Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock (9.8%)

#4: Bradley James, who plays Prince Arthur in Merlin (8.2%)

#5: Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who (4.4%)

#6: Aidan Turner, who played vampire Mitchell in Being Human (2.6%)

#7: John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood (2.4%)

#8: Arthur Darvill, who plays companion Rory Williams in Doctor Who (1.7%)

#9: Robert Sheehan, who played immortal ASBO teen Nathan in Misfits (1.2%)

#10: Max Brown, who plays MI5 agent Dimitri Levendis in Spooks (0.9%)

Watch Colin Morgan’s reaction* when we told him that he’d won…

* We spoke to Colin before the final numbers were in (but when he was very clearly going to win), hence he mentions ‘4,853 people’, not the actual 10,035.

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