‘Doctor Who’: 10 quotes from the Doctor’s companions

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Though all his travels, the Doctor has been accompanied by a host of companions. From school teachers and alien orphans to robots, but invariably attractive young women, their horizons have been expanded in his company – never to be the same again.

Diving into Cavan Scott and Mark Wright’s Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff: The Quotable Doctor WhoCultBox has chosen 10 quotes from many uttered by those lucky enough to see the universe in the Doctor’s company…


‘Here we go. My boys. My poncho boys. If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band.’
(Amy Pond, ‘Amy’s Choice’)

‘You know, just once I’d like to meet an alien menace that wasn’t immune to bullets.’
(The Brigadier, ‘Robot’)

‘Oh, come along now, Doctor. We’re both reasonable men. Now, we both know that police boxes don’t go careering around all over the place.’
(Harry Sullivan, ‘Robot’)

‘It’s so weird. The day my father died. I thought it’d be all sort of grim and stormy. It’s just an ordinary day.’
(Rose Tyler, ‘Father’s Day’)

‘Whisky is the eleventh most disgusting thing ever invented.’
(Clara Oswald, ‘Hide’)

‘Oh yes. I’m only his assistant. He’s the one you should be talking to. Or rather, listening to, if you have the stamina.’
(Romana, ‘The Pirate Planet’)

‘I don’t care that you got old. I care that we didn’t get old together.’
(Rory Williams to Amy, ‘The Girl who Waited’)

‘I want to sit in a pub and drink a pint of beer again, I want to walk in a park and watch a cricket match. Above all, I want to belong somewhere, do something, instead of this aimless drifting around in space.’
(Ian Chesterton, ‘The Chase’)

‘I’m a human being. Maybe not the stuff of legend but every bit as important as Time Lords, thank you.’
(Donna Noble, ‘The Stolen Earth’)

‘He was the most alive person I ever met.’
(Sarah Jane Smith, ‘The Monster of Peladon’)


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