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Big Finish release The Year of Martha Jones

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Freema Agyeman is back as Martha Jones for her own Doctor Who spin-off audio box set.

As a regular in Series 3 and guest star in series 4, the Doctor’s medical student turned UNIT Doctor companion saw a far bit of action. None more traumatic though than her year walking the Earth while the Master dominated it, and the Doctor was his prisoner. The Year of Martha Jones is sat in that particular niche of continuity, with Martha spreading hope (and tales of the Doctor) to those with the will to resist.

It’s a similar idea to Rose Tyler – The Dimension Cannon and Donna Noble: Kidnapped!, foregrounding the companion and making them the star of their own adventures, away from the Doctor.

Here’s the premise:

The Master has won. He has stolen humanity’s future and imprisoned his nemesis, ruling the Earth with an army of deadly Toclafane.

But Martha Jones escaped, and now walks the Earth, telling stories of the Doctor. Above all else, humanity needs hope. And Martha will carry that hope across the world…

Across the set, Martha pursues her mission of hope. The three stories are;

The Last Diner by James Goss

Martha arrives on the west coast of the US and finds an old friend waiting to make contact. A desperate group gathers for her stories. But when Francine arrives, escaped from the Valiant, she isn’t so keen to hear about the Doctor…

Silver Medal by Tim Foley

Martha journeys to a forest camp, hidden from Toclafane patrols. It’s somewhere she’s been before with the Doctor, more than a century ago –where the silver mines held a deadly secret. The resistance are ready to risk everything, but there’ll be no prize for second place.

Decieved by Matt Fitton

The Master’s minions are competing to please him. And agents Beecham and Strand believe nothing would please him more than finding the Doctor’s stray companion. As Martha and friends hide out in Vegas, the Toclafane arrive. How many levels of deception must be uncovered for Martha to reach the truth?

Joining Freema Agyeman on this set are Adjoa Andoh (Brigerton), playing Martha’s mother Francine, and in a big genre casting coup, ST:TNG‘s Marina Sirtis.

Game of Thrones‘ Gethin Anthony and Shetland‘s Julie Graham will also star.

Speaking of her character’s global journey throughout that missing year, Freema Aygeman said:

“We really didn’t know what Martha was going through psychologically in that year. We see her embark on it and we see the conclusion of it, and it always seemed like she was able to hold onto the grand plan. But it’s really interesting to hear her as a normal person, trying to do extraordinary things – and maybe cracking at times – because she doesn’t have the support network necessarily. But she does have incredible independence and strength.”

Torchwood: Dissected

Of course, it’s not the first time Freema Agyeman has reprised her role as Martha – she guested in February 2020’s Torchwood: Dissected. It’s something the character can do easily, as she enjoyed a three-episode stint in Torchwood‘s second series.

Torchwood: Dissected

We called it a “… a skilful two-hander character-piece brought to life (in the midst of death) by two assured, pitch-perfect performances by Freema Agyeman and Eve Myles.” You can read our full review here.

Now, what we really want is for Big Finish to reunite Martha with the Tenth Doctor for a box set or two. Fingers crossed! In the mean time, The Year of Martha Jones is available on CD and download now from the Big Finish website.