Doctor Who: Once, Upon Time – behind the scenes, cast and crew

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Once Upon Time is a pivotal chapter of Doctor Who: Flux, introducing new characters and mysteries which the audience must wait to see resolved in subsequent chapters.

“In terms of form, and structure, especially in Chapter Three [Once, Upon Time] – really does take the show in a new direction,” executive producer Matt Strevens explained to Doctor Who Magazine. “It’s very ambitious, and it credits the audience with sophistication and intelligence. Which is something we always do, of course, but with this, it’s very much asking you to trust the show and go on a ride. Not everything is given to you in the moment. As with a lot of television now, it credits the audience with a degree of patience – that they’re not going to know quite what’s going on.”

And what a ride it has been for the cast and crew. What follows is two behind-the-scenes videos and some interesting social media posts from them.

Jo Martin is thrilled to be back as the Fugitive Doctor.


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Thaddea Graham and Jacob Anderson are featured in a video about Bel and Vinder.

Irish actress Thaddea Graham makes a connection with Bel and the song The Belle of Belfast City.

John Bishop thanked Doctor Who fans and assures that the multiple-timeline plot introduced in Once, Upon Time “all pulls together!”

Azure actress Rochenda Sandall praised the prosthetics team.

Grand Serpent actor Craig Parkinson shared his photos and thoughts.

Producer Pete Levy shared a photo from filming at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

Director Azhur Saleem shared his photo of filming his first scene for Doctor Who: Flux plus some photos from DOP Phil Wood.

Costume Assistant Ian Fowler shared two humorous photos of Weeping Angels.

From the makeup department:

Composer Segun Akinola shared a photo from his recording session.

Prop Maker Tim Hobbis shared som photos of the sets he helped construct.

Cyberman actor Richard Price shared a behind-the-scenes photo.

And last, but not least, the lovely Mouri.

The next and fourth chapter of Doctor Who: Flux ; Village of the Angels, written by Maxine Alderton and Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Magnus Stone; will premiere Sunday, 21 November, at 6:20pm BT on BBC One and at 8:00pm ET on BBC America.