Doctor Who Series 13: filming at Church of St Luke and Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool

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A Doctor Who film crew recorded John Bishop and Nadia Albina at two separate locations in Liverpool for Doctor Who Series 13 on Wednesday, March 24.

Albina is a disabled actress who has appeared on television, stage and screen. Her right arm ends at the elbow. She has recently appeared in ITV’s Innocent in 2020 and in the Netflix television series The One in 2021. Albina was also spotted filming some Doctor Who Series 13 scenes in Cardiff in November.

The first location was inside the Church of St Luke.

Built between 1811 and 1832, the church was badly damaged by bombs during the Liverpool Blitz in 1941 and has been a roofless shell ever since. Locals call St Luke the “bombed out church.”

Bishop and Albina filmed inside the church with crew employing smoke machines for atmosphere.