Doctor Who Series 12: new information from South Africa filming

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New information has emerged from Doctor Who Series 12 filming in South Africa.


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Series 12 principal photography began with Block 1 filming in South Africa in January. With some limited information from IMDB, we originally believed that Block 1 only consisted of Episodes 1 and 5 from Series 12. Now there seems to be a third episode in that filming block, likely Episode 2.

It has now come to our attention that scenes for three Doctor Who Series 12 episodes were filmed in South Africa.

We are also aware that the TARDIS prop was filmed on a beach and also among rows of grape vines in a South African vineyard in January of 2019.

Two episodes of Doctor Who Series 11 were filmed in South Africa in 2018, The Ghost Monument and Rosa.

We will continue to bring you information about Doctor Who Series 12 production as we learn more.