Doctor Who Series 12: new photos of Jodie Whittaker and the TARDIS in South Africa

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Two new Doctor Who Series 12 photos have emerged on the Instagram post of a South African Production Assistant.

The two photos are on the same post. The first one shows Production Assistant Tash Montlake with Jodie Whittaker and the TARDIS prop on a beach in South Africa. The second one shows Montake just inside the TARDIS prop in a vineyard.

Note that the beach appears pristine despite rumours of an episode that features plastic polluting the oceans.

The caption on her post reads:
“Sometimes you get to work on one of your favourite tv shows and sometimes you get to do it TWICE. I have officially worked on 5 episodes of Doctor Who. Who would’ve ever thought?”

Tash Montlake worked on two Doctor Who Series 11 episodes filmed in South Africa in 2018, The Ghost Monument and Rosa. That would mean that scenes from three Doctor Who Series 12 episodes were filmed in South Africa. in late January and early February of 2019.

Director Jamie Stone directed Block 1 of Doctor Who Series 12, believed to consist of Episodes 1 and 5.

According to information from a crew listing on IMDB. Episode 2 of the series was also filmed in South Africa. The director for Block 2, believed to consist of  Episodes 2 and 3, is Lee Haven Jones.

The crew member who worked on Episode 2 participated in some Doctor Who filming at Taal Monument located in Western Cape Province, South Africa. The monument is a stone structure featuring steps surrounded by obelisks with rounded peaks.

Other locations used for Doctor Who Series 12 filming were Table Mountain National Park, Kogel Bay, Kersefontein Guest Farm and the Bowmans building in Cape Town.

We will continue to bring you information about Doctor Who Series 12 production as we learn more.