More and different historical episodes in Doctor Who Series 12

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In a press event interview at Roath Lock Studios on September 24, Chris Chibnall spoke of some of the stories of Doctor Who Series 12 that travel to the past, according to SFX magazine.

“We’ve got more historicals this year. In different ways, though. What we do with them doesn’t repeat what we did last year. It goes in a slightly different direction. We’re always going to be connected to the real world and stuff that’s going on today. We’re not always going to hit a a historical straight down the line.”

News from filming and scenes from both Series 12 trailers have given some insights in to what we can expect from the episodes with scenes set in the past.

One of the historical settings will be in Episode 2, which will feature World War 2 occupied Paris and Noor Inayat Khan, the British wireless operator posthumously awarded the George Cross for her service in the Special Operations Executive.

Episode 4 will feature New York City in the past and feature guest actor Goran Višnjić, likely portraying the famous Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla.

Episode 8 will contain scenes set in the 19th Century. Actors Maxim Baldry, Jacob Collins-Levy and an unidentified actress were spotted on set at Merthyr Mawr House in Wales in period costume for filming of that episode. There are no scenes from the Series 12 trailer which can be definitively identified as from Episode 8.

Since there were three episodes set in the past in Doctor Who Series 11, Rosa, Demons of the Punjab and The Witchfinders and Chris Chibnall said that there are more episodes with historical scenes in Series 12, There must be at least one more Series 12 episode that features historical scenes.

We will continue to bring you news of Doctor Who Series 12 as we learn more.

The January issue of SFX magazine hit newsstands on December 3.