An overview of clips and images for Doctor Who: The Legend of Ruby Sunday

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Some clips from the eighth episode of the Doctor Who 2024 series, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, were released on official media.

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) come crashing down to present-day Earth with a bang, a few sparks, and a “Gimme the loving!” They need UNIT’s help to investigate Ruby’s past. An old VHS tape may hold the key. A Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve. The mysterious Triad Technology unleash the greatest evil of all. The whole of existence is in grave danger.

The Doctor and Ruby land the TARDIS at UNIT headquarters to ask UNIT for their help with two perplexing mysteries. The Doctor wants to know who the mystery woman (Susan Twist) is who keeps turning up whenever the TARDIS lands at any given place — and Ruby wants to find the birth mother who left her as a baby on the doorstep of a church on a snowy Christmas Eve in 2004.Doctor Who 2024 new trailer

The Doctor shows UNIT every version of the mysterious woman he’s seen and recognized.

It turns out UNIT has already been investigating the modern-day terrestrial version of the woman — in the form of tech mogul Susan Triad of Triad Technology. In a video shared buy UNIT, Triad boasts that she’s going to change the world. Triad Technology plans a big announcement for Saturday.

UNIT is already on the case with Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford) undercover as a Triad technology employee. The Doctor meets Susan Triad.

Ruby’s mother Carla (Michelle Greenidge) gives her an old VHS tape which might hold a clue to finding Ruby’s mother. They bring the recording to UNIT for analysis.

Mrs Flood (Anita Dobson) pays a visit to Ruby’s grandmother Cherry (Angela Wynter).

UNIT possesses a technology called a Time Window. The Doctor and Ruby attempt to find the mystery behind Ruby’s origins. The snow flies and a figure appears.

Also of concern is the TARDIS, which has been groaning throughout the Doctor’s adventures since it landed on a spaceship on the edge of the universe in Wild Blue Yonder. S Triad is an anagram of TARDIS. Is Susan Triad connected to the distress the TARDIS is experiencing?

And who is The One Who Waits mentioned by the Toymaker in The Giggle and Maestro in The Devil’s Chord? The series clues lead to a pantheon of gods and the supernatural. All of existence is threatened. Everything leads to a devastating, horrific cliffhanger to be continued the following week in Empire of Death.

Written by Russell T Davies and directed by Jamie Donoughue, The Legend of Ruby Sunday will stream on 15 June 2024 midnight, 00:00 BST (14 June 7:00pm ET) on BBC iPlayer in the UK and Ireland and Disney+ everywhere else, where available. The Legend of Ruby Sunday will also broadcast on BBC One in the UK on 15 June at 6:45pm. On 22 June, the final episode of the series, Empire of Death will stream on iPlayer and Disney+.