Christopher Eccleston says that he was vilified as Doctor Who was celebrated

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In the latest The Big Issue magazine, Christopher Eccleston revealed how he felt he was made to feel like a villain as fans celebrated the return of Doctor Who in 2005.

“Nobody worked harder than me on my 13 episodes of Doctor Who. I adored playing the character. The problem was that as it was being celebrated, I was being vilified. I felt a lot of anger a certain individuals that excluded me from enjoying what I had achieved.”

Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose

Who are the individuals to whom Eccleston is referring? Showrunner Russell T Davies, the producer and co-producer. He most recently spoke of the rift at New York Comic Con.

“I left because my relationship with the showrunner and the producers broke down – the politics of the show. I left only because of those three individuals, and the way they were running the show. I loved playing the character and I loved the world. That’s one of the reasons I’ve started doing these conventions, to make that clear – I loved playing the Doctor.”

In The Big Issue, Eccleston goes on to describe his convention experiences.

“I was wary of fan conventions, but now I sit all day signing things.”

And how he relates his experiences when he meets fans.

“It’s important to demystify what we [actors] do — so if a young lad is shaking and thinks I am amazing because I played Doctor Who, I will be quick to address that. At the height of my success, I was a very insecure, damaged person and I think it’s important that is communicated.”

Christopher Eccleston has been interviewed in many publications and at conventions recently to promote his new autobiography, I Love the Bones of You.

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