Disney retains top spot Falcon and Winter Soldier

Disney retains top spot in the latest Nielsens, but not by much

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Disney retains top spot in the latest Nielsens with the finale of The Falcon and Winter Soldier holding off the challenge of Shadow and Bone

As The Falcon and the Winter Soldier reaches the send of its six-episode run, Disney retains top spot in the US streaming for original content in the latest Nielsens (19-25 April 2021). It’s close though, and may all well change next week. As ever we’ve dug a little deeper into the figures, cast the runes and bring our thoughts and predictions for next week.

The Nielsen data for Apr 19-25 2021

Remember this is US figures only and we’ve added the columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Series Watches* Episode Watches*
1 Disney+ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 6 50 796 2,653,333 15,920,000
2 Netflix Shadow And Bone 8 50 721 1,802,500 14,420,000
3 Netflix The Circle 20 55 630 572,727 11,454,545
4 Netflix The Crown 40 60 298 124,167 4,966,667
5 Amazon Them (2021) 10 45 284 631,111 6,311,111
6 Netflix Great British Baking Show 65 65 210 49,704 3,230,769
7 Netflix Lucifer 76 50 201 52,895 4,020,000
8 Netflix The Serpent 8 60 200 416,667 3,333,333
9 Netflix Life In Color (David Attenborough) 3 60 189 1,050,000 3,150,000
10 Netflix Dad Stop Embarrassing Me 8 25 146 730,000 5,840,000

The headlines as Disney retains top spot

It’s congratulations to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier pretty much owning the #1 position the past few weeks. As we predicted last weekShadow and Bone showed well The Crown keeps on grabbing audience and a good week as well for The Circle.

The other stories behind the headlines

Them has faded, but keeps Amazon in the top ten. The Bake Off (under its US title) had another decent week, The Serpent dropped off and another UK show hits the charts in the form of David Attenborough’s Life in Colo[u]r.

Given our obsession with Lucifer, we were pleased to see the show back in at #7 meeting our expectation fans are rewatching ahead of season 5B (part 2 if you will) arriving next week. We also realised Lucifer is only on Netflix in the US, having left Amazon, so our previous comments on episode count, while true for the UK, don’t apply to the Nielsen audience.

Crystal Ball time

We expect Shadow and Bone to take the top swapping with Falcon. A few titles will drop out, Them may just cling on and we’d love to see Lucifer chart again. Until next week!