Doctor Who Composer: Chris Chibnall intended the thirteenth Doctor to be “morally” “steadfast”

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In an interview with the LA Times, Doctor Who composer Segun Akinola revealed showrunner Chris Chibnall’s original intentions for the thirteenth Doctor’s attributes.

“He mentioned hope and warmth, and essentially being quite a steadfast character as well, morally.”

The thirteenth Doctor’s moral steadfastness is very apparent in Doctor Who Series 11, more so than any previous Doctor. The current Doctor, the most pacifist Doctor ever regenerated, follows moral prohibitions to the point of rejecting the idea of revenge, the concept of employing lethal means preemptively and refrains from baiting her foes into making fatal mistakes.

There are many examples of other Doctors making similar moral decisions, but not as consistently as the thirteenth. The currant Doctor has never put a foot wrong when it comes to moral grey areas.

The LA Times also revealed that the Thirteenth Doctor’s, theme, a melody composed quickly by Akinola before he was offered the role of composer on Doctor Who, is what convinced Chris Chibnall to hire him. The theme remained unchanged as used in the show. Chris Chibnall explained why.

“It encompassed every feeling I wanted the show to have. It had a punch-the-air heroism allied with an emotional sensitivity. It made me beam and it made me cry. It was everything I could ever want.”

Akinola had never watched Doctor Who before, which wasn’t a problem for Chris Chibnall, who wanted a clean slate for Series 11.

I’ll conclude with another quote from Chris Chibnall praising Segun Akinola:

“At his core, Segun is a magnificent storyteller. He zeroes in on the heart of the moment, of the sequence, of the episode and of the series. He’s given 1950s America, 1940s India and 17th century England their own specific soundtracks. Never mind deep space and alien planets. He’s brought sounds and performers and collaborators into Doctor Who who have never been connected to it before.”