Twice Upon A Time

Doctor Who: David Bradley keen for more adventures

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David Bradley has a starring role on Christmas Day in the eagerly-awaited Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time. He’s playing, of course, his take on the William Hartnell’s first Doctor, having played Hartnell himself in the Who docu-drama, An Adventure In Space And Time.

Bradley was at London Comic Con over the weekend, and was talking about the episode. And he revealed that he’d jump at the chance of doing more Doctor Who.

“If they asked me, yes, I’d bite their hand off”, he said. “I think it would be fun”, he added, noting how happy he was to have been involved so far.

“It’s quite something, you never expect in your career – something you watched when you were young and never imagined you’d be involved in something so iconic. As I say, it’s a late treat!”

Bradley admitted he hasn’t yet seen the Christmas special, but the final cut of that is expected to be locked down in November.

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