Doctor Who: David Tennant on why the Doctor was – and is – so important to him

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David Tennant has been chatting about the importance of Doctor Who in his life in a terrific new interview with The Big Issue magazine. He was featured in last week’s issue in the ‘Letter To My Younger Self’ feature, and he admits in the piece that “I did like superheroes too, but Doctor Who was my great passion when I was a kid”.

That much we knew, of course. But it’s a lovely piece, where he admits that “the Doctor felt like someone I could aspire to being like. And maybe he’d want to hang out with me too. I think it’s very important that there’s a kids’ hero who is not a jock”.

“The was something I came back to a lot when I was playing the Doctor. And it doesn’t leave you when you leave the show”, he added.

Tennant was promoting the film You, Me & Him, that’s heading into cinemas soon. And he adds  in his piece the joy of landing the role of the Doctor. “Something which had been so important to me as a child was going to be a big part of my adult life – would, in fact, in a way end up defining it”.

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