Doctor Who episode dedicated in memory of Bernard Cribbins

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The late Bernard Cribbins made his final screen appearance at the end of the second Doctor Who 60th anniversary special Wild Blue Yonder. A special tribute to him appeared in the end credits of the special.

In the making-of special, Doctor Who: Unleashed, Russell T Davies said he was glad to have completed one special scene with Cribbins, who passed away in July of 2022, in Camden.

“It’s one of the the great joys of my life that the end of Bernard’s career and the end of his life he came back to us to shoot what actually didn’t have to be his final scene. We didn’t know that [it was his last scene] at the time but he loved coming back. He had kind of retired but he loved Doctor Who. He came to our read-through. He was there. We all went out for dinner. We had such a happy time.

He was shooting in Camden. We wanted to do more because we love him. He wasn’t well enough to do more but that one scene he completed fills me with absolute joy! In those few seconds, there’s everything he brings to the screen. He’s joyous. He’s worried. He’s great — full of love. He hugs the Doctor He hugs Donna. It’s pure Bernard. I’m so glad we got to shoot that because it’s one of the great joys of my entire life that I got to work with that man. I got to know him and got to be his friend. I love him. He’s absolutely beautiful and here he is at the end, back in Doctor Who.”

Davies also paid tribute on his Instagram, saying more tales of Cribbins’ joy in participating in the programme will be shared in the 7 December issue of Doctor Who Magazine and reiterated that the shoot in Camden was the only scene Cribbins was able to complete.


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Born Bernard Joseph Cribbins in Oldham in 1928, British acting legend Bernard Cribbins OBE died on 28 July at age 93. Doctor Who fans around the world will remember and honour him with abundant love and gratitude.