Doctor Who, Praxeus: behind the scenes

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The BBC released a behind-the-scenes video showing how a creature costume with a comedic flaw almost derailed the filming of a scene of from the sixth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Praxeus.

The gas masks on the hazmat suits which were meant to protect the aliens in the episode from contracting the Praxeus infection were more flatulent than a Slitheen in a skin suit.

The man behind the gas masks is creature actor Jamie McKee.

Neill Gorton and his firm, Millennium FX showed of their design of the Praxeus plastic infection.


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Watch you don’t trip over them edges!!! These are just the proof of concept tests not the finished makeups. Ideas thrown together in a day for “Praxeus” last nights episode of Doctor Who so excuse the lack of finesse. Couple of variations. One is the sculpted piece and then the second is dressed with a some hot glue threads. NOT applied directly to the face BTW – squeezed out on to a sheet of silicone first and cooled. The concept is an infection or virus that comes from plastic or inhabits plastic or something or other about plastic. Anyway job was to come up with concept that implied and conveyed the idea of a plastic infection and this is what I did. So sixteen years ago the first episode of Doctor Who I worked on was the Autons – an alien intelligence that inhabits plastic and brings it to life to kill people. This is my last episode and its one about a space virus that infects people through plastic and kills them……………. Anyway, moving on. Contrary to what the credits say the creature design was solely the responsibility of @Millennium_fx_ltd on this episode. #siliconeprosthetics #prostheticmakeup #gortonstudio #prostheticsmagazine #makeupeffects

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Joana Borja shared some photos of the Praxeus cast.

Director of Photography Catherine Goldschmidt shared a photo of herself and director Jamie Magnus Stone on set.

And her time at Kogel Bay in South Africa where the beach stood in for Madagascar.

Warren Brown also shared a photo from Kogel Bay.

The strong winds at the beach presented some problems for DOP Catherine Goldschmidt, director Jamie Magnus Stone and script supervisor Aina Sabaté-Giralt.


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Shooting Dr Who in South Africa, doubling up for Madagascar. Windy AF. Go watch it, it’s on iPlayer! #Praxeus

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We will continue to bring you behind-the-scenes content as each episode of Doctor Who Series 12 airs.