Doctor Who Series 11: seventh episode titled Kerblam!

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The title a photo and synopsis for the seventh episode of Doctor Who series 11, Kerblam! was announced in a BBC press release:

“Delivery for the Doctor!” A mysterious message arrives in a package addressed to the Doctor, leading her, Graham, Yaz and Ryan to investigate the warehouse moon orbiting Kandoka, and the home of the galaxy’s largest retailer: Kerblam!

Written by Pete McTighe. Directed by Jennifer Perrott.

“Delivery for the Doctor” CultBox composite from two Kerblam! next-time trailer stills.
The message contained in the delivery from the BBC Doctor Who Kerblam! trailer
A TARDIS trip to the moon of Kandoka from the BBC Doctor Who, Kerblam! trailer
Kerblam!, BBC

The Radio Times released a synopsis and a cast list with the names of characters:

The Doctor receives a mysterious message in a package that has come from Kerblam, the largest retail company in the galaxy. Sensing something suspicious lurking behind the company’s cheerful facade, the Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz take on an undercover investigation at the Kerblam warehouse – a vast storage space that takes up an entire moon.

Writer Pete McTighe spoke of his love of Doctor Who to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“It’s been with me my whole life, it’s defined my taste in everything, and it’s been the most important show in my life.” He describes his realized dream of writing for the show as “just ridiculous, and incredible, and impossible.”

Pete McTighe, BBC

“[Director Jennifer Perrott is] very collaborative, she’s a great visionary. I adored working with her.”

Jennifer Perrott also spoke the the Herald about the creative freedom granted to her on set:

“I had a lot more input than I ever dreamed that I would. Most of my ideas were embraced. I did have very bold ideas. I was just waiting for them to be shot down, because that’s sort of what you’re used to, but it was the opposite. Chris [Chibnall] just said, ‘love it, go for it’.”

“[Pete McTighe and I are] like brother and sister. I just adore him. We just had so much in common that we loved.”

Pete Mctighe spoke further of the episode he penned in Doctor Who Magazine issue 532:

“The story revolves around an intergalactic delivery company where something seems to be going wrong. This gives the Doctor a massive mystery to solve. Even though it’s set in the future, on the moon of an alien planet, I wanted the episode to feel very real. And I think it does. There’s a lot of correlation with how we live our lives today.”

“One particular action sequence in my episode was so ambitious… but what you see on screen is exactly what I wanted. It looks amazing.”

“[Julie Hesmondhalgh has] injected the character with a really quirky, loveable quality.”

Guest cast list:

Julie Hesmondhalgh: Judy Maddox 
Lee Mack: Dan Cooper 
Callum Dixon: Jarva Slade 
Claudia Jessie: Kira Arlo 
Leo Flanagan: Charlie Duffy 
Matthew Gravelle: Voice of Kerblam

Julie Hesmondhalgh as Judy Maddox in Kerblam!, BBC
Lee Mack as Dan Cooper in Kerblam!, BBC
Claudia Jessie as Kira Arlo, Kerblam!, BBC
Callum Dixon as Jarva Slade, Kerblam!, BBC
Leo Flanagan as Charlie Duffy, Kerblam!, BBC

some of the cast, including Lee Mack, Claudia Jessie and Tosin Cole wear safety vests as part of their costumes.

A still from Doctor Who: Access All Areas, BBC

The episode was filmed in part on the Dyffryn Estate in Wales. The main cast were photographed at the estate wearing what looks like ankle monitors.


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Other known filming locations for the fourth block of filming, which included  Kablam! and The Tsuranga Conundrum, are Longleat Estate in Wiltshire (which has an elaborate hedge maze) and Vaendre Hall in Wales.

Kerblam! was originally planned to be the eighth Series 11 episode but the order of the episodes was changed at some point. Jennifer Perrott also directed The Tsuranga Conundrum.

A still from a BBC Doctor Who publicity video

A gallery of images form Kerblam! can be found here.

Kerblam! airs on Sunday, November 18, 6:30 p.m. on BBC One and 8:00 p.m. on BBC America.