Doctor Who Series 12: new Spyfall clip

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A new clip from the Doctor Who Series 12 opening episode Spyfall was released. It shows an MI6 agent played by Sacharissa Claxton on a hospital bed with Stephen Fry’s character describing to the Doctor, and her companions Graham, Yaz and Ryan what happened to her.

“She was found unconscious on the floor of an aeroplane washroom on a flight to Tokyo. She had made prearranged contact with an informant.”

According to the Doctor, the agent’s DNA was rewritten to the point of her no longer being human.

The synopsis for the episode states that intelligence agents around the world have come under attack from alien forces as part of a conspiracy.

A image of Sir Lenny Henry in Spyfall in front of some structures with pyramidal roofs was released along with the clip.

Spyfall is shaping up to be a real spy thriller.

We will bring you news of Spyfall and Doctor Who Series 12 as we learn more.