Ginny & Georgia hold on to top spot

Ginny & Georgia holds onto top spot in the Nielsens

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We have the first Nielsens for March 2021 and Ginny & Georgia holds onto the top spot — we bring you are deeper analysis

Last week we reported a new entry straight in at #1, and Ginny & Georgia holds on to keep the title of most streamed minutes in the US. We’ve taken the data to our replica of Babbage’s Analytical Engine and used an algorithm we like to think Ada Lovelace herself would be proud of. We factored in total number of episodes, episode length and Euler’s equation [we made that bit up] and this week we’ve added a column showing the count of episodes watched. For the past few weeks we’ve been mulling over just what our series watch represents and the implications of a short series and a behemoth with in excess of 50 episodes. Let’s look at the data and take it from there.

The data (taken from Nielsen)

Here’s our analysis of the top streamed US TV for the week 1-7 March 2021. Columns marked * are added by us; ** is also new this week.

Streamer Series # Eps Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Series Watches* Episode Watches**
1 Netflix Ginny & Georgia 10 60 1,161 1,935,000 19,350,000
2 Disney+ WandaVision 9 40 924 2,566,667 23,100,000
3 Netflix Murder Among The Mormons 3 50 587 3,913,333 11,740,000
4 Netflix Behind Her Eyes 6 60 369 1,025,000 6,150,000
5 Netflix Firefly Lane 10 50 274 548,000 5,480,000
6 Netflix The Crown 40 60 242 100,833 4,033,333
7 Netflix Orange Is The New Black 91 55 237 47,353 4,309,091
8 Netflix Bridgerton 8 60 235 489,583 3,916,667
9 Netflix The Great British Baking Show 65 65 207 48,994 3,184,615
10 Netflix Longmire 63 60 201 53,175 3,350,000

The obvious facts

WandaVision holds strong at #2, and is still the only Disney+ entrant. Most of the top ten shows are regulars, but there’s a new entry at #3 in the form of Murder Among the Mormons. The Crown is back in (as we predicted), and let’s not forget the Harry & Meghan interview on Oprah on the 7th, so expect it to still show strongly next time. More interesting is the surge of viewing for Orange is the New Black. The show finished two years ago, and we don’t know why it should have so many viewing minutes. Note the bottom six entries are not separated by a lot, so there might be any number of shows bubbling just under every week.

Looking deeper

On our series watch figure, Murder Among the Mormons is clearly a long way ahead, and with only three episodes, we are confident this correlates well with the number of actual viewers, as opposed to the number produced for Orange is the New Black. It’s not likely everyone watched all 91 episodes in a week, so our new episode watch column is more relevant here. On this basis look at WandaVision, which is storming ahead, Ginny & Georgia not far behind. Next week we will have the numbers for the whole of season 1 and we tip WandaVision for the top spot. See you next week!