Deadwood: new signs that HBO revival is happening

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One of HBO’s most acclaimed series, the western Deadwood, was also one that ended prematurely. The show ended after three seasons, cancelled by the network thanks to not particularly impressive ratings.

However, since it left our screens in 2006, rumours have rumbled about a revival. And more recently, it came to light that plans for a two hour telemovie had moved forward. That said, it’s still been slow progress, and over the past few weeks, there had been reports that the new Deadwood TV movie wouldn’t press forward after all.

Now, though? It might just be back on.

The news has come to light courtesy of California filming tax incentive details. Amongst the projects to benefit has been the Deadwood movie, which is banking $4.2m in tax incentives. Apparently, a full script and financing is part of the submission process to earn that incentive in the first place, which suggests that the Deadwood movie is quite far along.

HBO hasn’t officially confirmed this, of course, but to qualify for that incentive, it needs filming to begin by early October. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more…