Catherine Tate and David Tennant Doctor Who 60th

Doctor Who filming in Bristol continues with scenes set in the past

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A Doctor Who film crew from production company Bad Wolf Ltd filmed a scene with David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Neil Patrick Harris for the second of two day shoots in the area of Broad Street in Bristol on 16 June.


The filming slate indicated it was for Episode 3, Scene 25. The director is Chanya Button.

The crew filmed scenes set in the 1920s, complete with extras, vintage props, cars, costumes and shops.

Three more Bristol shopfronts were redressed to depict a firm called Sanderson and Grainger (an older version of Colchester department store in which the Eleventh Doctor briefly worked in 2011 in Closing Time), the Galloway Institute, and an umbrella shop.

Plus the Mr Emporium shop appears to have been in the same spot for approximately one hundred years ago.

The TARDIS prop was set up in an alley.

A green screen was set up up on one end of the street.

David Tennant (the Doctor) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) arrived on location.

A scene of the Doctor and Donna exiting the TARDIS was filmed.

Another Scene had the Doctor and Donna walking toward Mr Emporium.

Later in the evening, Tennant and Tate filmed scenes running out of Mr Eporium.

A fire crew sprayed water, typically used to film rain or wet pavement.

Modern day Doctor Who scenes were filmed in the Broad Street area of Bristol on 15 June.

In a partnership between BBC Studios and Bad Wolf studios, Russell T Davies will write and produce Doctor Who 60th anniversary content for autumn of 2023, and series beyond.