Doctor Who filming in Camden: sky invasion, sonic screwdriver and vending machines

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A Doctor Who film crew from production company Bad Wolf Ltd filmed Catherine Tate, David Tennant and Yasmin Finney for a night shoot at Camden Market, London on 18 May.

Poster props were prepared for the scene.

Rachel Talalay arrived to direct.

The scene was set at Camden Lock at the market.

With Shaun Temple’s taxi from the previous evening’s filming.

Catherine Tate was on the scene.

As was Yasmin Finney.

Several extras were brought in for the shoot. The extras were recording something in the sky with their phones then flinched when the assistant director shouted “Boom!”

David Tennant pointed a new sonic screwdriver at the sky.

A fan quickly rendered a depiction of the new sonic screwdriver.

Among the props on scene were three curious “FANTASTIC PRIZE” vending machines, each with a singular large toy.

The cast and crew were filming in London all week with filming at Camden Market Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 16-18 May and at Gold Car Park near Wembley Stadium Thursday and Friday, 19 and 20 May.

Location filming is expected to continue with UNIT soldiers in Newport and Cardiff, Wales this week.