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Doctor Who: Georgia Tennant was never asked back to play Jenny

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After she debuted the role of Jenny in Doctor Who back in 2008, there was some speculation that Georgia Tennant would get a call to reprise the part again. Now, as she embarks on new adventures courtesy of Big Finish, she’s confirmed that a TV return for the character was never on the cards.

Tennant was introduced in The Doctor’s Daughter, where she played, well, the instantly generated sort-of offspring of David Tennant’s tenth Doctor. She subsequently married David Tennant, which makes explaining this only a little less odd than explaining the family relations of the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys to a stranger.

Anyway: chatting to the Radio Times after recording her Big Finish adventures, Tennant admitted that “everyone’s wanted me to do this, and at conventions everyone’s been like ‘why don’t you come back and do something?’”.

The answer to that? “And you know, obviously they never asked me on the TV show”. Instead, it was said that the character of Jenny had died off-screen. Although the new adventures have something to say about that!

Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter is now available from the brilliant Big Finish. Incidentally, Georgia Tennant also recently produced the film You, Me & Him, that’s available now.

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