Doctor Who Series 12: new filming photos emerge from director

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Some new photos from Doctor Who Series 12 were posted on Instagram by Block 4 director Emma Sullivan.

The post contains multiple photos, the most interesting being a photo of Jodie Whittaker holding an Episode 7 slate with the outline of a hand drawn on it. Whittaker sports an interesting cuff on her right wrist displaying some technology. Be sure to scroll through all the photos on the post.

Among various photos of the Doctor Who crew are another photo of a decorated slate with a silhouette of the Doctor peering through the TARDIS doors, a photo of Tosin Cole on the TARDIS interior set and various other sets including a young girl’s bedroom, a fireplace and the garden of an estate (likely Merthyr Mawr House).

Sullivan directed Episodes 7 and 8 of Series 12.

Not much is known about episode 7 beside the drawing of a hand and the mysterious cuff.

Episode 8 is set in the 19th Century and was filmed in part at Merthyr Mawr House. This is the Episode rumoured to feature Mary Shelly. Maxim Baldry and Jacob Collins-Levy guest star in the episode.

We will continue to bring you news of Doctor Who Series 12 as we learn more.