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Eve Myles: ‘Torchwood’ could return ‘now or in twenty years time’

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Now that the dust has settled on Torchwood somewhat, with its last series airing in 2011, the gun-toting baby-holding actress told CultBox: “It’s the show that changed my life. Professionally, it’s the show that’s given me the best times of my life. I couldn’t be more fond of it. It feels, still, very exciting. It’s such a naughty show and it’s completely unapologetic to everything.”

Pondering Torchwood‘s future and, indeed, if it has a future, Myles commented: “We didn’t come back for the fifth series; it’s still there – it’s still bubbling away. If it has ended in Hollywood, well, then we came from BBC Three to BBC Two to BBC One to Hollywood – that’s a drama in itself. Wonderful experience, wonderful memories.”

Asked if she had spoken with Torchwood creator writer Russell T Davies about a possible fifth series, she told us: “No. But whatever Russell brings to me, I appreciate. When he’s ready, if he is ever ready, then he’s got people who love and adore it just as much as he does. “

Given that the show was such format-shifting beast, we wondered if Eve had thoughts of a big screen version – Torchwood: The Movie. She beamed: “I’d love it, love it. That is the clean stop. It would be great if it did go out with a great bang, as it were, and we got our nice little movie. But who knows? It’s one of those things – it’s a creature that changes format every time it comes back. It might come back as a Christmas special, you don’t know. It could happen now or it could happen in twenty years time. If it pops its little head up again, I’m sure we’ll be back.”

And finally, we couldn’t let TV’s Gwen Cooper go without the obligatory Doctor Who question. Regarding any involvement in the 50th anniversary special, the Welsh actress stated: “No. No, there’s never been a discussion about it. No. But I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.”

Written by Lucy Gannon (Soldier Soldier), BBC One’s Frankie is “a modern and redemptive take on the life and work of a dedicated district nurse whose patients matter more to her than her personal life”. The six-part drama series begins next month.

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