Jodie Whittaker: ‘The Power of the Doctor’ is “one for the Whovians”

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According to an interview with Empire Magazine to be published in their November 2022 issue, Jodie Whittaker says that her final special The Power of the Doctor is “one for the Whovians.”

“It’s one for the Whovians,” Whittaker told the publication. “It’s a huge treat if you’re a proper fan. It’s got all the iconic things that you associate with Doctor Who. It’s massive.” And it sounds like this Doctor’s final scene will be as emotional as ever. I love the dialogue Chris wrote for my regeneration. It captures my Doctor beautifully. It’s simple, epic and beautiful.”

Whittaker revealed to Empire that her regeneration scene is delivered in one long take.

“When I could see the crew was happy with that last shot, that’s when my bottom lip started going. I was like, ‘Well, they can’t say they need another take now because I’ve f**king lost it!’”

The 90-minute Doctor Who BBC centenary special, The Power of the Doctor, will likely air on October 23 to cap off the BBC’s week-long centenary celebration.

Empire magazine is available in newsstands in the UK and by digital subscription 29 September, 2022.