Doctor Who Cover Art: 'The Flying Dutchman' & 'Displaced'

The Flying Dutchman / Displaced – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 268 audio review

The Flying Dutchman and Displaced form a double-header of two-part stories for September’s monthly Doctor Who range release. This time, we are back with the Seventh Doctor, travelling with both Ace and Hex (Phillip Oliver). The Flying Dutchman With Hex complaining that their adventures barely afford them a break, the TARDIS materialises on an 18th … >

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Doctor Who Short Trip 10.4 Dead Woman Walking cover art

Dead Woman Walking – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.4 audio review

‘Dead Woman Walking’, April’s Short Trip, is a tale for the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Set early on in her travels, the story looks at this Doctor’s developing manipulative streak and asks us to consider how far he might go to achieve his desired ends. With Ace wounded during one of their missions, she becomes … >

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Sophie Aldred, Vinay Patel and Simon Guerrier to celebrate 15 years of revived Doctor Who

To celebrate 15 years since the 2005 relaunch of Doctor Who, London Book & Screen Week will host a panel moderated by award-winning journalist and broadcaster Samira Ahmed with actress Sophie Aldred, screenwriter Vinay Patel and writer Simon Guerrier. Sophie Aldred, best known as the Seventh Doctor’s companion Ace, has been working as a professional … >

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Doctor Who Dark Universe cover artwork

Dark Universe – Doctor Who Monthly Adventures 260 audio review

Dark Universe heralds a fresh year of Doctor Who Monthly Adventures at Big Finish. It is a release which makes narrative connections in many directions, but the headline must its be choice of companion. Set some twenty years after they travelled together, the story sees the Seventh Doctor encounter Ace. The other notable familiar face … >

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Sophie Aldred pens new Ace Doctor Who novel

In a video released by Doctor Who BBC Books, actress Sophie Aldred announced that she has written a novel titled Doctor Who: At Childhood’s End featuring the thirteenth Doctor and Ace, the seventh Doctor’s companion she portrayed on Doctor Who. Here is the wonderful @sophie_aldred with some #DoctorWho news for you – — … >

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Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time review

Big Finish have been creating Doctor Who audio adventures for twenty years. During that time, they have worked with multiple Doctors, most of the companions and a whole host of popular characters and villains from the television series, as well as creating a universe of their own. As is traditional, this milestone is being celebrated … >

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Doctor Who Main Range 252: An Alien Werewolf In London review

Through this recent trilogy of monthly adventures, the Seventh Doctor has reconnected with Mags, the werewolf character first seen in Season 25’s The Greatest Show In The Galaxy. The pair have survived both The Monsters Of Gokroth and Mags’ own ancestors living under The Moons Of Vulpana, but for the final tale they are in … >

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Doctor Who: Doctors And Dragons review

Range producer Alfie Shaw takes the writing role for March 2019’s Short Trips story Doctors And Dragons. Read by Sophie Aldred, it’s a seventh Doctor story and if the title isn’t obvious enough, it’s a riff on the RPG Dungeons And Dragons. The setup is a girl called Reya needs the blood of the last … >

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