Michelle Keegan in Our Girl series 3

Michelle Keegan talks Georgie, Elvis and “love” in Our Girl season 3

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Star chats about her character’s relationship status as 2-Section heads to Nepal.

As we’ve covered previously, the third series of Our Girl will be an ambitious 12-part affair, split into three distinct chapters. The Radio Times and others are currently noting that the first of these will go to air on October 10th.

The first of these will find Georgie on a relief mission in Nepal following a devastating series of earthquakes. Additionally tasked with mentoring the young and rebellious new 2-Section recruit Private Maisie Richards (Shalom Brune-Franklin, previously seen in Barracuda and Crossing The Border), Georgie will have to tackle an unpredictable natural landscape and an increasingly dangerous human threat to the area, alongside the reappearance of Elvis (Luke Pasqualino).

According to Michelle Keegan, the season will “pick up with Georgie at home with her friends and family, and she gets a call from Captain James asking her to come out to Nepal for a NGO relief mission. She’s still independent, not with Elvis, putting her career first and loving being in the Army.”

She goes on to say that the series will “join Georgie and Elvis in episode one in Syria where they left things on an even keel. They are work colleagues but there is still love there. Georgie still believes they can’t be together but Elvis still tries his luck a couple of times. Obviously Elvis is a ladies’ man but she does find out a few things she doesn’t like. She tries to be professional but deep down I think she’s genuinely hurt.”

As we suspected when we saw the cast list for this third series, Michelle also confirmed that “there’s no news of Jamie”, adding that “He’s probably settled down, got married and still a doctor!”

Filming for this first part took place in Kathmandu and Cape Town and the further two tours will transmit in due course with more details to follow.

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