Moffat hints at what to expect from new ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner Chris Chibnall

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Current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed that he is “very, very excited” to see what his replacement Chris Chibnall does with the show next year.

The Broadchurch creator was announced as the new lead writer of Doctor Who last January and his first season will launch in 2018.

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Chibnall has written several previous Doctor Who episodes, such as ’42’, ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’and ‘The Power of Three’. His other writing credits include Torchwood, The Great Train Robbery, United, Law & Order: UK and Life On Mars.

Moffat was recently asked by Doctor Who Magazine what to expect from Chibnall’s era and commented: “He’s very much his own man, so I don’t precisely know what he’ll be like. But he has a tremendous grasp of how you run a show like this.”

He added: “He’s coming in knowing how showrunning works, in a way that I didn’t. I sort of came in with, ‘Really? Is it like this all the time?’ So Chris will bring the experience. And what marks him out as special is the quality of his first drafts. That’s what no-one else ever sees. They’re immaculate. I adore [‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’], it’s just… how can you not love that episode?”

Moffat continued: “…what’s exciting about Chris is, I don’t think people have seen his Doctor Who yet. He’s done Russell [T Davies]’s Doctor Who, and he’d done my Doctor Who … so I don’t think we’ve seen Chris’ authorial take on Doctor Who, and I’ll be very, very excited to see what that is.”

He hinted: “He’ll have, I would think, a quite different approach. I could make some guesses about where he’ll go with it, but… I’m not going to say. Except, beautiful dialogue. And beautiful plotting. He’ll be amazing.”

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Asked if he’ll watch the show after he leaves, Moffat said: “Of course I’ll be watching. There will never come a time I don’t watch Doctor Who.”

12 new Doctor Who episodes have been filming in Cardiff since June 2016 and will begin airing on BBC One this April.

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It was revealed last November that BBC bosses apparently want Doctor Who to feel like “a brand new show” when Chibnall takes over in 2018, with Peter Capaldi and new co-star Pearl Mackie departing as the Twelfth Doctor and his new companion, allowing Chibnall a “clean slate” for his era.

Broadchurch returns to ITV for a final season next month.

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