New Doctor Who costume designer at Bad Wolf

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The identity of a new costume designer going forward from the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials has been discovered.

The CV of Pam Downe, who designed costumes for Mr. Malcolm’s List, The Trial of Christine Keeler and the second series of The Spanish Princess, lists Doctor Who — Produced by Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson for Bad Wolf.

Downe began her costume design career as assistant to Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell on Derek Jarman’s The Last of England.

The Spanish Princess

Downe described her process in a 2020 interview for the Royal Television Society, where she mentioned “Sci-fi would be fantastic” to do in the future.

“When you have the scripts, you do lots of research, gathering together images and thinking about how you want the costumes to look. I then create mood boards and start the collaborative process with the director, production designer, make-up designer and, often now, showrunner. Actors have input, too.”

“If you’re making costumes, you start fabric sampling, producing sketches and getting the costumes made. Designers don’t do the making; you have cutters and seamstresses for that. Finally, you start fitting the actors. You are constantly creating new costumes during the shoot – you can’t get everything done up front.”

The Trial of Christine Keeler

It is very exciting to think that Downe will likely work with Ncuti Gatwa to design a costume for his Doctor.

Principal photography for the 60th anniversary specials ended in July 2022. The three specials starring David Tennant are expected to air in 2023, the 60th anniversary year for Doctor Who.

Filming is expected to resume in November 2022 with Ncuti Gatawa portraying the Doctor for Doctor Who Series 14, likely to air in 2024.