Doctor Who: The Star Beast

Official Doctor Who media relays ‘The Star Beast’ Disney+ steaming times

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In replies to multiple queries on their post, the official Doctor Who Instagram revealed to fans from various nations that ‘The Star Beast’ will be available to stream on Disney+ at exactly 18:30 GMT, 25 November — the exact time it airs on BBC One and iPlayer in the UK and Ireland — 6:30pm BT.

Since the replies were individual, it’s not yet clear if this is the universal time for each Disney+ region but it’s a hopeful sign that this is likely the case. Curiously, up to one day before the special is due to stream, Disney has not supplied this information to all its subscribers.

Fans can peruse the post for answers to people in their region and check to see what time and date that means for their time zone.

Note that 18:30 GMT, 25 November is 26 November in some time zones.

Doctor Who will return on 25 November 2023 with The Star Beast, the first of three Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials starring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as companion Donna Noble — followed by Wild Blue Yonder on 2 December and The Giggle on 9 December.

All new episodes of Doctor Who will be available exclusively on BBC One and iPlayer in the UK and Ireland and exclusively on Disney+ outside of the UK and Ireland.