‘Our Girl’ writer explains Georgie’s choice in Season 2’s finale

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The writer of BBC One’s Our Girl has discussed Georgie’s big decision in last week’s season finale.

The army drama returned to BBC One last month with Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan joining the cast as new lead character Georgie Lane.

Season 2’s dramatic finale saw Georgie ending things with fiance Jamie (Royce Pierreson) on their wedding day, deciding to return to Kenya instead of reconciling with first-love Elvis (Luke Pasqualino).

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Our Girl creator Tony Grounds told Radio Times: “I always wanted her to be her own woman and say ‘no, I’m choosing to do something else with my life, I’m not going to be defined by Jamie and have the big house or Elvis and be with him.’ That was always what I wanted to do.”

Our Girl 2 4 Elvis (LUKE PASQUALINO)

Chatting about fans’ reactions to the love triangle, Grounds commented: “It’s been great listening to the arguments raging. I’ve been amazed that 90% of people want her to go with Elvis.”

He joked: “As far as I can see their only logic is because he’s better looking and he is – obviously – gorgeous. What do I know? But Royce is quite good looking as well – I’d be happy if I looked like Royce. He’s the one that your parents would want you to go with.”

Our Girl 2 5

Grounds added: “…hopefully [fans will] say, ‘of course, that’s the right decision.’ They just hadn’t thought of it. Obviously I’ve been pushing it that Elvis is the love passion and Royce is logical but actually no, there’s a different logic and [Georgie] needs to decide for herself. Why should she get married? It shouldn’t just be the ambition of people to get married nowadays – there’s a big world out there.”

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The BBC announced earlier this month that a third season of Our Girl will air in 2017.

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