Westworld season 3 is happening, pay matters to be resolved

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With Westworld season 2 premiering this weekend on HBO in the US and on Sky Atlantic in the UK, it seems an opportune time to confirm that a third season of the show is in the works. That’s not a massive surprise, granted, but it’s still worth noting.

Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores in the show, has also confirmed in a new interview that she’s finally at the point where she’s getting equal pay for her work in the show too.

“I think I’m just now to the point where I’m getting paid the same as my male co-stars”, she told The Wrap. For season three, her salary has been bumped up to the level of Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, and she admitted that “I almost got emotional. I was like, I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts. Never, never”.

She admitted she’s turned down projects due to salary disparity in the past.

HBO, for its part, has been reviewing the pay structures on all of its shows to remove gender disparity from salaries.

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