Lucifer season 6 poster (landscape)

Lucifer poster sets the tone for season 6 ahead of September

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The official Twitter account dropped the Lucifer poster for season 6 — we admire it and take a closer look

With Lucifer season 6 coming ever closer (September if you haven’t heard), the official @LuciferNetflix account on Twitter has dropped the new poster. What can we tell from it? Well, we like the byline for starters:

All Bad Things Must Come To An End

The main seven characters (Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, Dan, Amenadiel, Linda and Ella) are all shown, but too our eyes there are groupings, so we’ll split our thoughts into three.

Lucifer and Chloe in the poster

Lucifer season 6 poster Lucifer and Chloe

Clearly Tom Ellis is centre stage as Lucifer (aka The Devil, aka God), but behind him is Chloe. To us there’s very much a power behind the throne motif here. Various fans have noted we don’t see Chloe’s hands, so no update on the are they really engaged (or even married by the end?) thread. They are very close together and this suggests stability (series 4 had an Eve / Chloe / Lucifer poster showing how that series was about being torn in two directions; season 5 had Lucifer resting his head in Chloe’s lap suggesting romance).

Dan and Maze

Lucifer season 6 poster Dan and Maze

We can almost hear Lucifer telling us not to overthink, but we see a deliberate pairing here, and wonder if it connects to Dan’s fate, be it leaving Hell or something else, and also then reminds us Maze wanted to be Queen of Hell, but now has a relationship with Eve (and, spoiler, a soul).

Linda, Amenadiel and Ella

Lucifer season 6 poster Amenadiel, Linda and Ella

There’s only so much space on the poster, and this may just be the group for everyone else. Linda and Amenadiel are facing toward each other, Amenadiel is not in police uniform, and Ella is the only one in the poster who doesn’t know the truth (though we think she soon will if these photos mean anything).

It’s just over a month until we get Lucifer season 6 (September 10) and we think the trailer will drop by the end of next week. We’ll keep you posted.