Chloe and Lucifer — Lucifer rules again

Lucifer rules the Parrot ratings again as Loki shows well

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Lucifer rules the Parrot ratings for the second week since season 5B dropped, but watch out for Loki

Another week, another set of Parrot ratings, and we take a quick look at how they stack up to last week. The headline is Lucifer is still lead in the Digital Original category, but other titles are showing well.

What are the Parrot ratings?

The Nielsens are based on audited viewing figures and take some time to appear (weeks). Parrot Analytics uses a proprietary approach to measure what it calls demand, factoring in a lot of other data including on social media (perhaps even including Cutlbox articles, so don’t forget to retweet your favourites from @CultBoxTV!)

The Parrot blog has lots of free and subscription content, and the free includes US data. So far we’ve seen two very good infographic each week: TV demand and Digital Originals demand. We’ve dug deeper since last week and our understanding is:

Digital Originals have only every appeared on streaming services since the first episode. Even if a show starts one seasons not streamed, and has a lot of seasons since, it isn’t Digital Original. Older shows get excluded (eg Game of Thrones).

Lucifer rules for a second week

If you take a look at the latest data (TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.S. (6 – 12 June, 2021)) you’ll see series like Spongebob Squarepants dominate overall, with Lucifer leading the charge for Digital Originals at #6. This is all due to the release of season 5B (check our review), and the data shows a slight fade, but still a lead over Strange Things. We expect the latter to dominate once a new season drops.

The rest of the chart (second infographic) shows healthy performances across the Disney+ range and WandaVision bumps up, while Loki is showing well. If you read the article, it goes into why they believe Loki may well be the best performer across the new titles released recently on Disney+.

If nothing else, these make a good companion to the more traditional who watched what figures such as Nielson, though both are important, and the Nielsens are a direct measurement of the effectiveness of show-making decisions.