Doctor Who Fall Guys - Cyberman, 10th Doctor and TARDIS costumes

New Fall Guys game looks for Doctor Who available for a short time

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Doctor Who has vworped into the Fall Guys store once again as the Time Lord returns to the Blunderdome.

Fall Guys is a free, cross-platform multiplayer party royale game where players and their fellow contestants compete through escalating rounds of absurd obstacle course chaos in a journey through the Blunderdome until one lucky victor remains.

“The Tenth Doctor Costume is iconic: a blue pinstripe suit, grubby trainers, and floppy hairdo. The Cybermen Costume is a terrifying, timeless classic: with a pipe plated helmet, covered from head-to-toe in chrome. We tried to make the TARDIS Costume bigger on the inside, but your arms, legs, and faceplate will still poke out. The TARDIS pulls double duty with the Into the TARDIS! Celebration – Beans should be wary of the drop!”

Fall Guys Doctor Who - Dalek, 13th Doctor and 4th Doctor costumes

Items from the previous Doctor Who collaboration will also be available including Thirteenth Doctor, Fourteenth Doctor, Fourth Doctor and Dalek costumes and a sonic screwdriver emote.

Fall Guys - Doctor Who 14th Doctor costume

All Doctor Who goodies are available in the Fall Guys Store from 10AM GMT 15 August 2023 until 10AM GMT 20 August 2023.