Out of Time 3 – Wink: Doctor Who audio review

The Tenth and Sixth Doctors collide for a high-concept, time twisting face-off with the Weeping Angels.  ‘Wink’ is the latest in the Out of Time series of doctorly collisions. The range sees David Tennant’s version of the Time Lord meeting his former selves and facing a few famous foes. The title, of course, nods to … >

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Don’t Blink – Weeping Angels board game coming from Gale Force Nine

The statuesque Doctor Who villains are also battling a pair of Doctors on audio this July. Fresh from their appearances in Flux, including the entertaining Village of the Angels, the monsters are adding both a board game and a new audio drama to their repertoire in the coming months. Amazingly, it’s almost fifteen years since … >

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Dalek Universe 2 boxset cover

Dalek Universe 2 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 2 continues the Tenth Doctor’s series of adventures trapped in a pre-Time War, Terry Nation inspired universe. Separated from his TARDIS, he has found two allies in Earth’s Space Security Service, agents Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven. While the Daleks themselves again take a backseat, it begins by exploring Mark Seven’s backstory; the … >

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Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor reunited

Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor reunited on audio

John Barrowman and David Tennant are back together in May 2021! He may have just helped Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, but (it’s timey-wimey) you can soon hear Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor reunited on audio, thanks to Big Finish In May 2021, the Big Finish Torchwood range reaches its fiftieth episode, and what better way … >

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Doctor Who: Free Speech cover art

Free Speech – Doctor Who Short Trips audio review

Free Speech is the winner of 2020’s ‘Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity’. Celebrating the life of the late Big Finish staffer, the competition opens the door to fresh talent by inviting story submissions. The winning idea is then developed, recorded and finally released for free. This year’s tale, by Eugenie Pusenjak, was chosen by … >

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Doctor Who: The Shattered Hourglass cover art

The Shattered Hourglass – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.12 audio review

The Shattered Hourglass is the latest Doctor Who Short Trip and the last in the regular monthly schedule of download-only releases. The Doctor arrives in the 52nd century, there to interfere with the Time Agency’s latest operation. He deems they have gone too far in “timelocking” a whole galaxy; implemented as a precaution when it … >

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Doctor Who immersive experience to open in London 2021

A new image and video were released for Doctor Who: Time Fracture, an immersive experience which will take place at Immersive LDN February through April 2021. The organizers have implemented a range of measures to comply with all covid-19 secure guidelines for the venue, a former military drill hall in London’s West End dating back … >

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Catherine Tate was surprised to be asked back to Doctor Who

In a podcast interview with her former Doctor Who costar David Tennant, Catherine Tate revealed that she was surprised to be asked to reprise her role as Donna Noble as a regular companion on the show. Both Catherine Tate and David Tennant reminisced about their shared experiences on David Tennant Does a Podcast With…. Debuting … >

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