Power of the Doctor art featuring Jodie Whittaker

New Doctor Who images released for ‘The Power of the Doctor’

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The BBC has released new images for the Doctor Who BBC centenary special The Power of the Doctor.

UNIT headquarters, as filmed at Hodge House in Cardiff, is featured heavily in the new images as are Jodie Whittaker (the Doctor), Mandip Gill (Yaz), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), Janet Fielding (Tegan) and Sophie Aldred (Ace).

(L-R) Yaz, Tegan, Ace and the Doctor are led by Kate Stewart into UNIT Headquarters
(L-R) Yaz (Mandip Gill), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Ace (Sohie Aldred) at UNIT Headquarters
(L-R) Tegan, the Doctor and Ace at UNIT Headquarters
Ace makes herself comfortable at UNIT Headquarters

Sacha Dhawan’s Master is also pictured in new photos from filming at The Gate in Cardiff.

And the Master is also pictured as captured by UNIT.

Lone Cyberman Ashad (Patrick O’Kane) and the Master dressed as Rasputin are also pictured along with a depiction of the Doctor amongst regenerative energy in the new images.

(L-R) Lone Cyberman Ashad (Patrick O’Kane), the Master (SachaDhawan) as Rasputin and the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker)

The CyberMasters, thought to be annihilated along with Ashad by the Death Particle on the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey, have also returned.

Previously released images from The Power of the Doctor can be found here.

The Power of the Doctor is 90 minutes long and will likely air Sunday, October 23 as part of a BBC week-long celebration of the centenary of their charter.